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The lead consultant at NBA Wiseguys was a handicapper and The Senior Data Analyst at Sports Insights from 2012-2019.  During that time he ran their NBA Best Bet Service and was documented profitable in six of seven years.  During his first two years at Sixth Sense Sports he has won 58% of his Best Bets on 285 plays. In 2020 he was 110-83-1 and in 2021 he was 54-36-1. His record over the last nine years of which he has won eight of those nine years is 1194-974-35 (55.1%) winning a total of 116.8 units with all wagers risking 1 unit.

NBA Wiseguys lost on Monday night with Boston +4. They finished 23-12 65.7% in the playoffs. For the year they are now 93-77-2 54.7% +8.2 Units. It was a slow start to the season but 58% over the last two years with us and 55% over the last nine years is a better predictor of what will happen the rest of this season. They finished 79-51 60.8% +22.90 Units over their last 130 games.

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NBA WiseGuys is back for the 2021-22 season. 

NBA All Time Documented Record

W L T Net Units Win %
1194 974 35 116.8 55.1%

NBA Wiseguys

What To Expect

Timing of Play Distribution

Plays will be released between 9am EST and 9p EST each day. Plays will always be released at least 15 minutes prior to that game starting. If a game begins in less than 15 minutes and a Best Bet has not been sent out then you can safely assume there is no Best Bet on that game. Please do not email to ask if there will be a Best Bet on a particular game. Lines change, injury status’ change, and line-ups change… there is always a possibility there is could be a Best Bet on a game before the 15 minute tip-off deadline.


Bookmaker, Pinnacle, Heritage, and BetOnline are used for grading. At least 2 of these 4 books will have the grading line available (or better) when a play is sent out… more often than not it will be 3 or all 4 of the books with the line available (or better).


All Best Bets will be rated the same… wager to win 1 unit each.

Number of Plays

Plays will be released from the beginning of the regular season through the end of the playoffs. The total number of plays is estimated between 100 to 200.

NBA Wiseguys are offering their NBA Service here at Sixth Sense Sports this season!

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