What To Expect

Release Times

Best Bets will be released on Tuesday’s and Friday’s during the week via the website, text and/or email. Additional Best Bets will be released throughout the week when there is value on a side or total.

Advanced Warnings

On occasion I may release a Best Bet earlier in the week due to anticipated line movement, etc. Ample time via email will be given prior to any early release.

Number of plays

The average number of Best Bets per week during the regular season is approximately four to six. Total Best Bets over the course of the regular season is usually about 80-100. All plays are rated as units and will be rated 1, 1.5, or 2 units with the majority of plays being rated 1 or 1.5 units.

Write Ups

Write ups on EVERY NFL game will return this year. I have found doing the write ups helps me dig even deeper into each team throughout the NFL season. Write ups will be emailed out on Saturdays of each week.

Play Delivery

Web Countdown Page - All plays will be released via the web or mobile device with internet at SixthSenseSports.com/private. This mechanism ensures all subscribers have equal access to plays as they are released, and it is the fastest and most reliable method available. We strongly recommend using the release page when possible.

E-mail - All plays and advanced warnings will also be sent via e-mail, but delivery time may be subject to delays depending on your ISP, spam filters, and other internet factors.

Text Messaging - Upon request, all plays and advanced warnings will also be sent via text message as they are released.Delay and reliability issues are common for several phone service providers. We do not recommend relying on text message as a primary method for receiving plays.

Those relying on e-mail or text message to receive plays will be at a disadvantage against those using the release page when competing for best numbers.

Rating and Grading

All plays will be rated as units and graded with a consensus widely available line at the time of release. All plays will be listed on the Picks Archive page within 30 minutes of kick off for fully transparent recordkeeping.

Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at info@SixthSenseSports.com